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Life imitates cartoon, again, sorta – Penguathlon!

Posted by pengcognito on May 21, 2009

New Zealand hosts penguin sports tournament

New Zealand is the penguin capital of the world, home to nine of the 16 species of living penguins, so it was fitting that it should host the world’s first ‘Penguathlon’. 

The event running this month at the Kelly Tarlton Arctic Encounter in Orakei, just outside Auckland, sees King and Gentoo penguins go beak to beak in five icy events – football, Frisbee, surfing, swing ball and waddle races.

But the Penguathalon is about more than just delighting visitors. It showcases a variety of the enrichment activities developed by the curatorial team to ensure the physical, mental and emotional well being of the birds in its 80-strong colony.  (read more…)

And here’s how they do it in my penguiverse:


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